The Frontier Three

by EJ O'Reilly

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Three central stories, three instrumentals, two additional songs.
‘The Frontier Three.’ The narrative album explores mid-1800's America, when modernity pushed West and the foundation of the US was formed. The stories tell of the trouble and strife faced through 'God's Gun' 'The Expressman' and ' An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge'. ‘The Frontier Three’ stems from a childhood spent watching way too much American television, books given to EJ by his grandparents and a fascination with the Wild West. Available from the end of January


released January 30, 2020

Written by EJ O'Reilly
Performed by EJ O'Reilly and Sam Thomas
Produced by EJ O'Reilly
Studio Engineering by Sam Thomas
Recorded at Sound Terrace Studios
Mastered at Cafe Studios


all rights reserved



EJ O'Reilly London, UK



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Track Name: The Lost Name
Dear God above, I feel ashamed
I watched a young man dying,
Dear Father, I called him my friend
But watched the piercing poison arrow.

Now somewhere in the distance,
There’s a mother who is calling
And somewhere there’s a name
On a grave that’s overgrown

Farewell to the darkness
He is resting and I am, but dying
Beware of the silence
That’s when the haunting comes a-creeping.

Now somewhere in the distance,
There’s a mother who is crying
And somewhere there’s a name
That’s all but forgotten
And someday, well my friend
I guess I’ll be joining.

For this old, lonely trail where I feel the pain
I feel I’m surely dying

Dear God above, This blinding heat
Was holding me
Track Name: God's Gun
At the dawn of the New World
When the West was wild and overrun
Through the turmoil and struggle,
A tale like no other under the sun:
Here comes the legend of God’s Gun.

Them Clayton Boys were running wild,
They'd robbed a bank and rode all night,
At dawn hit Juno City,
No mercy, no pity was shown.

They hit Jenny's Saloon and soon,
A card fight broke out,
A knife was thrown to end a life.
Jessie ran and fled the scene,
The local priest then intervened
But was shot down and he hit the ground.

Young Johnny, being the altar boy,
Sought revenge and he knew how,
Headed south to find Lewis,
He knew he could get him on his side
Told Lewis how his brother died.

Now Lewis in a fit of rage,
Juno bound with Johnny's aid,
Knew a trick for the Claytons:
Mistaken, they'd think they'd seen a ghost
And so in robes, the Clayton Boys
Were Scared at the Sight.
The priest had come to take their lives,
One by one were taken down,
the dust ran red, no mercy shown,
were taken down, down below.

But rumours about some unknown son,
spread through Juno's walks and turns,
It was Clayton and Jenny,
"They'd spent one night
together long ago?"
Poor Johnny, he had never known.

So to the Desert Clayton fled,
With Lewis chasing til the grave.
By the ruins of a church Tower,
a shot fired struck Clayton to the dust,
and almost lost, a name was heard saying
"Johnny, my son, I've done much, I've done wrong,
Just remember my son,
No outlaw can outrun
God's Gun
Track Name: The Expressman
On the loneliest trail,
A horseman goes along,
Head high, heels down low
Steadfast in the saddle,
Slow hands on the reins,
Across them western plains

He has gone from Cold Springs
Towards the Sand Spring's pass:
The Expressman is the life blood of the West

Sierra Nevada is fraught
With danger and despair,
Split by a man and nature
How the Spirit it drives a breeze
And with God but the devil on his heels.

He has gone from Cold Springs,
Towards the Sand Spring’s pass:
The Expressman is the life blood of the West
Pray God above, guide his path.

The dust and the heavens
Cut by a fine bay mare
As he rides through the cold night air

Natives along the trail,
A wolf away in the distance
Calling his pack
A colt .44 to protect him
St. Joesph Missouri, now, a long way back

He has gone from Cold Springs
Towards the Sand Spring’s pass:
The Expressman is the life blood of the West
Track Name: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Pt.1
That old Turpentine Trail
Runs along the southern ridge
Passing by the piney wood
and swings down to Owl Creek Bridge

Where stood a man,
Whose hands were bound,
Around his neck, a tether
The water below, he prayed
Would forgive those
Who fell from Owl Creek Bridge.

Onto piney wood he cast his sight,
Longed to walk beyond it
Escaping it seemed
All but a dream he thought

For on the northern shore,
A thousand troops
With rifles towards the sunrise.
The sergeant marked the end.
Lieutenants took his ground.
He dropped from Owl Creek Bridge

As he fell through the bridge
He was swept into a dream:
A thousand statues stood
Whose eyes were fixed
Upon the man with hands bound
Who fell from Owl Creek Bridge.

Oh, great fire wrapped around his throat
Choking him as the rope it took hold.
He was taken by pain
Taking every inch
As he hung from Owl Creek Bridge.

All at once, the rope gave in
And to the depths he was taken.
Hope in his mind,
Spared from being hanged,
But to be drowned
Was too much to take in.

Break those bounds man
That bind your wrists
But mind a thousand rifles
Cause they’re waiting on the surface
And set your sights
On that Southern Ridge
Far from Owl Creek Bridge.
Track Name: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Pt.2
Peyton Farquhar rose
And broke the surface of Owl Creek
With his mind on fire
But the fight burned in his heart

As grey eyes took aim,
Soldiers fired on the stream
Voices shouting from the bridge

For to be hanged was enough
And to be drowned was enough
But to be shot was too much.

Hunted, he dived
As bullets rained above.
Down current he was drawn
Til his hands reached southern sands.

Peyton Farquhar stood
On the south bank of Owl Creek
One last look back towards the bridge
Then escaped into the trees;

Fought the wild
Day and night
Followed voices to the gates

Where his wife dressed in white waits
Surrounded by a burning light.
A sudden strike upon his neck
Then all is dark and silence.

Peyton Farquhar hangs beneath Owl Creek Bridge.

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